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About Anui

Anui is a company created by developers for developers. We believe that everyone should learn to and be able to code anywhere. We believe that JavaScript is a great choice for beginners and professionals. We believe that modern mobile tablets like the iPad can be extremely powerful productivity devices. JASIC is Anui's first product which brings the power of JavaScript to all developers on the iPad


JASIC is the worlds most advanced mobile development tool

Create Real Apps

  • Games - Design 2D and 3D Games
  • Utilities - Build Helpful Utilities and Tools
  • Learn - Explore Science and Math
  • App Store - Create xCode Projects targeting App Store

Rich Runtime

  • JavaScript Language - ECMAScript 5.1 (1)
  • 3D Graphics - WebGL, GLSL & igloo
  • Native UI - Cocoa controls
  • Rich Libraries - SQLite, HTTP, OAUTH & Sensors

Advanced Debugger

  • Modern Debugging - Call Stack, Stepping & Watch
  • Integrated Profiling - View Top Functions
  • View Objects - Interactive Object Browser
  • Command Line - GDB Compatible Command Line

Powerful Environment

  • Cloud Integration - Dropbox, iCloud & Zip
  • Project Management - Integrated File Management with MRU
  • iPad Power - Hardware Keyboard Support
  • iPad Productivity - Flexible Windowing & Tools

Customized Editor

  • Code Editing- Javascript Optimized Accessory Keyboard
  • Code Browsing - Goto Definition & Find Gestures
  • Debugger Integration - View Breakpoints and Variable Values
  • Customizable - Dark & Light Syntax Themes & Fonts

(1) See [] for information on JavaScript compatibility